Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blue star and friends!

Here is the Blue star completed with variations.
This is a c10 division with 12 pentagons.
The 1st ball on the left is interlocking pentagons, the red one in the back is layered pentagons. The 'star' ball is the one in the middle front, its stitched with interlocking pentagons in dark red and a interlocking 5 petal kiku herringbone in med blue on the short lines of the pentagons.Then I stitched a 5 point star inside the red pentagons with light blue and white threads and finally finished with a red spiderweb backstitch in the center.  I loved watching this pattern grow as I stitched each element. The ball on the right in a light blue base is interlocking pentagons in dark blue and with light blue thread stitched a 5 petal kiku herringbone design but this time the points are on the long lines of the pentagons. I have one more ball to stitch with this pattern theme which I will show once its finished.

I would love to thank my teacher Barb Seuss for her wonderful teaching skills.


Laura B said...

All are really nice, expecially like the white stars on blue on the right.

Temari Addict Australia said...

You've made a really lovely set here. I really love the colours used o the pale blue based temari. You always have such awesome colour combinations Michelle.

Barb Suess said...

Beautiful collection, Michelle! And I love the way you describe the stitching. You inspire me :)

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