Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Challenge

I have been working on the April Challenge at the Temari Challange Yahoo group its a simple 12 ball that is divided into 20. These are 2 hexagons, 12 pentagons and 6 diamonds around the obi. So far I stitched a braided kiku herringbone on each of the hexagons ( north and south pole) and the same stitch is in the diamonds to look like leaves. The colours remind me of the Ukrainean Easter eggs Pysanky.


Laura B said...

I love the obi on this, the colors are vibrant. You are right, Psyanky it is. Have to laugh, just finished making new dye for this year and my hand looks like a lovely egg if I make a fist!!

Tricotine said...

I just discover your blog. You make beautiful things. I know it's time consuming. I bought several years ago a temari book but never try. May be one day.
Bonne journée.

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